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Prevention of compassion fatigue is a joint responsibility

Compassion fatigue is a common theme when Howdy’s psychologists counsel employees in the caring profession. These years, employees are really feeling the effect of fewer resources and increasing complexity of their work. With a faster pace, more administrative work, and a focus on limiting errors, not surprisingly, the work is taking its toll.

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Green companies are measuring their employees’ wellbeing

Sustainability also relates to mental wellbeing. The waste sector employees and those working in the wind and solar energy industry are thus receiving increased offers for stress measuring and psychological support. And with the future EU requirements for sustainability, Lederne concludes that more companies will follow suit.

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Head Nurse: Mood measurements strengthens the work environment

Employees at Næstved, Slagelse and Ringsted Hospitals are now offered personal tests of their well-being and mental health. Ongoing tests paired with psychological counseling have made both employees and patients happier at the surgical departments.

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Sustainability is also taking care of your employees before they get sick

Stena Recycling is the Nordic region’s largest recycling company, which embraces all waste solutions and ensures companies a circular and sustainable footprint – With Howdy, the organization proactively looks after its employees, as a completely natural extension of that DNA.