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About Us

Our mission is to unite digital prevention and early care by supporting both the organisation and the individual persons
Our vision is to become the leading SaaS powered platform within Employee Wellbeing solutions to the workplace

What's our story?

Stress and mental health have long been mounting challenges in the modern workplace. In 2014 Howdy ApS set out to address the growing stress curve in the labor market. We noticed most measures seemed to focus on treating symptoms rather than preventing them in the first place. We wanted to move past the outdated wellbeing and workplace assessments, which were conducted every two years through lengthy biannual questionnaires and would not afford businesses the opportunity to spot potential issues or intervene before sick leaves became a reality. We wanted to ask relevant and validated questions with a high frequency and regularly provide feedback back to the company, which they could act upon.

Our research brought us to the WHO-5 – a validated questionnaire for the identification of wellbeing with a solid academic foundation and international recognition. We built this model into an app and attached a response centre staffed with occupational psychologists, who would reach out to those who showed signs of low or declining wellbeing. Because the science told us people often wait too long before they act, we decided the response centre should be activated proactively – they would simply reach out to the person at their convenience without being prompted. We let the data and people’s behaviour determine the reaction. This focus on prevention and proactive engagement rather than treatment after the fact is how the Howdy solution was born and is what sets us apart in the industry.

It has allowed us to help address potential issues before they arise, build healthy workplace cultures, and reduce sick leaves throughout the world. We believe it can help you too. Please, feel free to contact us for additional information.

Rasmus Hartung CEO

Rasmus Hartung


Science shows early interventions have an effect, so I am delighted we not only interrupt the classic way of thinking, but we also do it in a cost efficient way to the benefit of a better life for the persons involved.

Gunnar Brabrand

Sales Director

People don’t act on early signs of decreased wellbeing, that’s a fact! I am proud that we with Howdy succeeded to create the individual and organisational awareness that makes room for small changes before things are going wrong.

Gunnar Brabrand Sales Director

Mads Dørup


It is exciting to be able to use technology to connect people in need with skilled psychologists

Together we're stronger


A solid and proactive engagement with partners is instrumental to achieving effective and sustainable results. We are proud to have partnerships with three different organizations, all with a common goal of ensuring good wellbeing in companies around the globe.

Dansk Industri

Health Tech Hub works with the very best startups within health tech from across the world that have ambitions for scaling to the Nordic markets and worldwide, and we are proud to have a partnership with them.

Howdy is a partner on Kompasbank Navigator, a digital B2B marketplace that helps companies find digital solutions.

Addressing the world’s most pressing issue, Millennial Mental Wellbeing (MMW) & Howdy join forces to accelerate the adoption of mental health in workplaces. The partnership aims to increase the retention of young professionals and decrease stress leave in workplaces.

Dansk Industri

DI is Denmark’s largest business and employers’ organisation.

DI represents a number of industry communities where members from the same industry can share knowledge, experience and visions for the future.

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