Your way to better wellbeing

Through a unique method, Howdy provides your company with insight into both employee and organizational wellbeing, and takes proactive action when needed.
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Since 2015 we have been reducing the amount stress related sick leaves within Danish and foreign companies, and saved the society for over half a billion Danish kroner.
Our unique health-tech service is called Howdy, and leading stress experts consider our method of stress prevention to be a paradigm change. Our customers include some of Denmarks largest companies and public institutions, who all prioritise a new and preventive effort instead of traditional treatment.
Howdy also play a large part in regards to COVID-19, as many employees are now working from home with video calls as their only contact to collegues and managers. This makes it rather difficult for the managers, when they have to get a feeling of how their employees are doing.
Howdy helps the employee become aware of their own wellbeing, and provides insight to the manager about his or her teams wellbeing, and we intervene with proactive help, when the need occurs.
Your way to better wellbeing

How does Howdy work?

Howdy is a digital tool, that promotes dialogue and opens the door towards valuable changes within the organization. Through a continous method Howdy paves the way towards better mental, physical and organizational wellbeing.
1.   Monitoring

Howdy frequently measures mental and physical wellbeing. Measuring creates attention and attention creates reflection. Howdy makes the individual reflect and the group talk, by contributing to a common language that makes it easier to talk openly about wellbeing.

  • Simple and easy through app or web
  • Creates continuous reflection
  • The individual remains anonymous
2.   Insight

As an Employee you obtain insight into your own wellbeing history. As a Manager or HR you’ll get access to a live dashboard that provides insight into the department and/or organizations current wellbeing.

  • Wellbeing overview
  • Live dashboard
  • Organizational insight
3.   Response

If an employee’s wellbeing decreases, the Howdy response team reacts proactively and helps the employee back on track. If the general wellbeing of a department is decreasing, the response team will react on an organizational level by reaching out to the manager.

  • Proactive help to employees and managers
  • Response team consisting of occupational psychologists and physical therapists
  • We call you and make change easy for you
4.   Change

The Howdy live dashboard provides managers and HR with valuable insight on how to create sustainable changes that heightens wellbeing. Employees gain access to customized exercises that aims to increase wellbeing and/or relieve physical pain.

  • Individual mini interventions
  • Tools that heighten wellbeing
  • Available psychological assistance (Possibility of adding Howdy Services)
The positive effects are many

Howdy customers achieve


less sickleaves
1,7 percent of our users have avoided a sickleave

6 x

faster recovery
Empirical evidence shows that Howdy gets employees 6 times faster back from poor wellbeing


more wellbeing dialogue
22 percent of our users reports that Howdy has improved the wellbeing dialogue


increased reflection

46 percent of our users has become more reflective towards their own wellbeing

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Your wellbeing is important

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