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Through a unique method, Howdy provides your company with insight into both employee and organizational wellbeing, and takes proactive action when needed.
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Since 2015, we have reduced stress-related sick leave in Danish and foreign companies and we have saved society more than 70 million euro. Through a unique method, we give your company insight into the wellbeing of both employees and the organization, and intervene proactively when the need arises.


Howdy measures mental and physical wellbeing. These measurements encourage the individual to reflect and the group to converse by contributing to a common language that makes it easier to talk openly about wellbeing.


As an Employee Howdy helps you gain insight into your own wellbeing. As a Manager or part of HR you’ll get access to a Manager Portal that provides realtime insight into the current wellbeing of your department and/or organisation.


If an employee’s wellbeing decreases, the Howdy response team reacts proactively and helps the employee get back on track. If the general wellbeing of a department is decreasing, the response team will react on an organisational level by reaching out to the manager, so actions can be taken.


The Manager Portal provides managers and HR with valuable insight on how to create sustainable changes that increase wellbeing. Employees gain access to customised exercises, which help increase wellbeing and/or relieve physical pain.

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Prevention of compassion fatigue is a joint responsibility

Compassion fatigue is a common theme when Howdy’s psychologists counsel employees in the caring profession. These years, employees are really feeling the effect of fewer resources and increasing complexity of their work. With a faster pace, more administrative work, and a focus on limiting errors, not surprisingly, the work is taking its toll.

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Green companies are measuring their employees’ wellbeing

Sustainability also relates to mental wellbeing. The waste sector employees and those working in the wind and solar energy industry are thus receiving increased offers for stress measuring and psychological support. And with the future EU requirements for sustainability, Lederne concludes that more companies will follow suit.

The positive effects are many

Howdy Customers Achieve

50 - 100%

less sickleaves

1,7 percent of our users have avoided a sickleave

6 x

faster recovery

Empirical evidence shows that Howdy gets employees 6 times faster back from poor wellbeing


more wellbeing dialogue

22 percent of our users reports that Howdy has improved the wellbeing dialogue


increased reflection

46 percent of our users has become more reflective towards their own wellbeing

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