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Why do i need howdy?

Proactive, timely care

People do not act in time

Too often signals of a negative development are overlooked or dealt with too late. The consequence can be sick leaves, stress or physical pain.

The costs are high

The price the individual person and his/her family pays is high – just as it is for the employer and society in general.

Act in time

Howdy helps the employee to reflect and helps the company to act in time and create the needed change.

What does Howdy do?

Howdy enables an ongoing dialogue based on current data - with proactive intervention and assistance right when the need arises.


Howdy encourages with short intervals the employees to reflect on their general wellbeing, their physical wellbeing as well as other custom parameters defined by the employer.

Employees can easy answer via web, tablet and smartphone and all data are collected and anonymously shared back with the company.


The employee immediately gets insight into where they lie on the wellbeing and/or pain scale.

This increases awareness within the individual and promotes initiatives towards yourself as well as dialogue with your employer.

HR and Managers gain insight into the organization’s wellbeing via the HR and Manager dashboards that collect data and anonymously present statistical information on team and company levels.

Inside the dashboards HR and Managers are able to ask questions on team- and/or company level, request advise from the Howdy Care team on concrete situations and much more.


Quite often, people do not react to the signals they receive, and they need to “talk to a friend” to get good advice or a loving nudge in the right direction.

Why wait for such a long time, that lengthy treatments from a psychologist, physiotherapist or management coach become necessary?

Employees who have a low wellbeing or a high physical pain level will be contacted by our Howdy Care team with an offer of a coaching conversation. The proactive and early effort has a positive effect.

Managers in teams with low or declining wellbeing, will be contacted by the Howdy Care team with an offer of a sparring conversation with a management coach, in hope of identifying the teams challenges and creating an actionplan.


Say goodbye to demanding transformation-initiatives when the yearly wellbeing measurement is complete.

With the employee’s personal insight and the company organizational insight, small adjustments can be made continuously – both regarding private as well as work-related matters.

Others have previously called it timely care.

We call it common sense. Remove the pebble in the shoe, before it cripples you.

What do others say?


Your wellbeing is important

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