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Are you writing an article about Howdy? Do you need materials for a Howdy Workshop or presentation? Fear not, we’ve compiled a small package for you with the most essential information and materials about Howdy and the people behind it.

What is Howdy?

Howdy is improving company and employee wellbeing, by providing data-driven insight to managers, enabling thoughtful decisions and appropriate action.

Too often signals of a negative development are overlooked or dealt with too late. The consequence can be sick leaves, stress or physical pain. The price the individual person and his/her family pays is high – just as it is for the employer and society in general. Howdy helps the employee to reflect and helps the company to act in time and create the needed change. Howdy enables an ongoing dialogue based on current data – with proactive intervention and assistance right when the need arises.

Key People

Rasmus Hartung


Gunnar Brabrand

Sales Director

Mads Dørup



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