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Regardless of what our clients struggle with, we are ready to help and advise

The Howdy Response Team

About the Howdy Wellbeing Response Team

The Wellbeing response team at Howdy are the human dimension of our app. The response team ensures that those people, who experience a drop in their wellbeing are gently caught by one of our psychologists, who are specialized in occupational and organisational psychology.

Our goal is to provide immediate support based on the situation you are in. We speak with many people are presented with a wide variety of different problems. These may relate to anything from reorganisations, which may entail uncertainty and chaos, to small children who cannot sleep and unwillingly disturb the sleep of their parents.

We can help provide you with coaching and assist you in judging whether you need further help. In cases where further help is needed, we will help guide you to find the help you need.

About the Howdy Body Response Team

The Body response team at Howdy is there to help you good physical wellbeing. The response team is handled by physical therapists, who are ready to listen to and advise you in relation to any pain or discomfort you experience. Their education and experience ensure they can assist you in seeking the proper treatment and guide you toward exercises, which may prove beneficial to you.

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When do you get contacted by the response team?

If you experience a drop in our wellbeing, if this drop falls inside the area, we call the risk zone, or if you report experiencing pain through Howdy Body, the response team will then call you within two workdays. As a proactive measure we call you.

If you are not by your phone, or if we call at a bad or inconvenient time, we will reschedule another call together. If you do not answer the phone, we will try again up to 4 times, after which you will receive a text that we have tried to call you. It is always your decision, whether you want an interview with the response team.

How can we help you?

There are several advantages to talking to us: Firstly, we are always there for you 100% and meet you with the aim of helping you. The interviews are confidential, and we know that simply putting words to your concerns and telling another human being about what is on your mind, may help you gain greater clarity about the immediate concerns in your life.

We also help create greater awareness about what really causes poor wellbeing. Through a coaching approach, we can help illuminate new perspectives on a given problem. We do this by asking those question, which we as people do not dare or want to ask ourselves. We are happy to provide counseling, advise, and guide you, as to how you can seek further assistance through HR or a healthcare provider if need be.

When we call you

When we call you, you will be informed who you are talking to and that they are a psychologist/physical therapist. You will be further informed that the interview is confidential and that the details are only known to you and the psychologist/physical therapist. However, we do register that an interview has taken place and an associated cause such as work pressure, changes, personal reasons, etc. You will be further informed that the interview will last approximately 15 minutes and is an immediately advisory interview about your further process. If deemed necessary by the both of you, you will be offered a possible follow up interview.

Regardless of what our clients struggle with, we are ready to help and advise.

Mette Nørgaard Nielsen Psychologist

Mette Nørgaard Nielsen​

Chief Psychologist

Howdy's response team is like a safety net, that catches you before common problems evolve into stress. In our experience, even a single conversation at the right time can make a huge difference. Being able to prevent mental health problems, and not just treating them, is what makes it so meaningful for us to work for Howdy.

*In some case, the Stifinder (Pathfinder) response team provides this service to your company. This depends on the agreement your company has made with Howdy. The Stifinder response team handles the same task as the Howdy response team.

*The Howdy Body response team is always handled by our collaborative partner Klinik.

Languages covered by the Howdy Response Team, or one of our partner response teams: Danish, English, Swedish, German, Spanish, Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Philipino, Indian, Malay Phonenumbers we use: +45 42 92 10 14, +46 8 446 835 28, +45 71 74 72 66, +45 42 90 91 53, +45 32 75 55 46