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Howdy services

Our services are designed to support your work with Howdy. We help you towards a better dialogue, which in return affects the culture, and work with wellbeing in a more proactive light.

The value of howdy often depends on the company’s effort towards implementation and anchorage of the product. We offer a range of services that helps you act on the insight that Howdy provides. Our services make sure that Howdy is more than just a digital tool, we want it to bring cultural chance within the whole organisation. All services are delivered by occupational psychologists and consultants.


The implementation of Howdy is essential in order to establish a good process towards better wellbeing.

Kick-off services consists of planning and kick-off workshops tailored for the entire organization.


In order to stay motivated on the way towards better wellbeing and achieving valuable insight, the continued operation of Howdy is important. We help you work constructively with Howdy in the long run, and offer services to HR, managers, ambassadors and employees.

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Implementation services

Planning assistance


HR is the often the backbone behind a successful Howdy implementation. Therefore, we always assist and help the HR department with their Howdy planning. We provide you informational materials and introduction videos that can be shared with the organization.

This service is completely free.

Kick-off presentation

All employees

Short introduction to Howdy: what is Howdy, what can I achieve with Howdy, and how does it work?

Kick-off workshop

Howdy is a constructive tool used to kickstart and strengthen the wellbeing dialogue. We equip your managers with the tools they need to safely implement howdy and show them how to use it within their team.

We put wellbeing on the agenda and train your ambassadors in how to become Howdy experts. In this workshop we focus on how to use Howdy, and how to manage expectations and promote dialog.

In this workshop we have a dialog about what defines good wellbeing for you and your colleges, and how we daily affect each other’s wellbeing. Together we create the best starting point for Howdy and pave the way towards better wellbeing.

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Anchorage services


Feedback from the response team

The Howdy response team talks to your employees and therefore gain valuable insight into the organisation’s general wellbeing. The response team gives you feedback based on that insight on your organisations wellbeing and help you make sustainable decisions, which in return heightens the wellbeing and creates a better work environment in the long run.

Success & dialogue tools

We can learn a lot from our success – if we understand why it is a success. This workshop creates a space where the everyday Howdy experts can share success and become inspired by our occupational psychologist in their work towards better wellbeing.  

Good wellbeing?

What is healthy wellbeing? When do I thrive? And how do I establish good wellbeing? This workshop creates reflection and train our ability to put our individual wellbeing into words.

Howdy -
how do you do?

Are you often asked, “How are you?” – and do you answer sincerely? This workshop focuses on training our ability to talk to each other through a healthy and honest dialog. An honest dialog is the way towards psychological safety.

Work environment

We know the fundamental elements that creates a healthy psychosocial work environment. Most of this is achieved through acknowledgement, meaning and social support – elements that we cannot get enough of. This workshop focuses on finding your strengths and make them even stronger, as well as presenting you with tools that will heighten the quality of your work environment.

Howdy - the game

Wellbeing in the game is a tool and a process that opens a dialog with all your employees about work environment and wellbeing. Dialogue is the way to the core of the issues, and is also the way to sustainable decisions, that well enhances wellbeing in the long run… We initiate this process with “Howdy – the game”.

Customized workshops

Customized workshops are tailored to your needs, situations and wishes. Are you currently working with stress, psychological safety, positive psychology or likewise, then we shape an hour, day or webinar that connects your current focus with Howdy.

Professional sparring

Report interpretation

What does your Howdy report tell you? In this workshop we help you interpret the data in your report, and give you professional advice on how to cope with the current situation.


To get the most out of your Howdy, our occupational psychologists offer an ongoing sparring with your HR department, to maximize the outcome of your Howdy insight in relation to the remainder of your companies development, strategies and processes.

Occupational psychologists give 1:1 sparring on various challenges, concerns, thoughts as well as other things in regards to your Howdy report and insight. E.g.: causes of low wellbeing? How to handle the difficult conversation? How do I relate to conflicts between employees?

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