As the modern age continues to expand, stress and its consequences are becoming an increasing presence in our lives. That is why – in an effort to prevent potential stress and burnout – we have developed Howdy.

Howdy monitors its users mental and physical wellbeing. It provides employers and users with insight and an opportunity for conversation and reflection, which in return can initiate proactive measures with the aim of increasing mental health and reducing physical pain and discomfort for the users.

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How does Howdy work?

Howdy is a digital tool, that promotes dialogue and opens the door towards valuable changes within the organization. Through a continous method Howdy paves the way towards better mental, physical and organizational wellbeing.


The cornerstone of how you as a user submit your wellbeing results and in return are given insights into your own wellbeing to reflect on. Between surveys, users can dive into a library of information, news, articles, statistics, and exercises all relevant to their wellbeing. Available for Android, iOS and as a web version.

Our Response Team provide proactive support to the user, in case the system detects a low score on personal wellbeing, a low score on group wellbeing or a high score on physical pain. The Response Teams are staffed by specialists such as occupational psychologists, management coaches and physiotherapists.

Read more about our Response Team.


Our online portal provides a vast array of data, statistics and insights into the entire organisation’s wellbeing, as well as the ability to dig deeper into the wellbeing of individual departments or groups – all anonymised to protect the individual user, naturally. The dashboard is also the central hub where you control all aspects and settings of your Howdy plan. Our dashboard is available to all Howdy administrators, managers and key persons of your choice

Timely Reminders

It is important that we continuously pay attention to our wellbeing, and Howdy will help you do that. Our app sends out convenient reminder whenever it’s time to complete your wellbeing survey again – in the meantime, just sit back and relax.

Custom Surveys

As an addition to the standard surveys provided by Howdy, we give you the option of creating your own customisable surveys, tailored directly toward your organisations need. Templates for a range of popular surveys such as eNPS, Workplace Assessment, Social Capital and WHODAS have been built in, ready to be enabled – and if these do not cut it – you can always use our editor to design your very own.


The data your users provide is invaluable. Both for us and for you to evaluate and analyse on. We guarantee that your data is completely safe with us and we adhere to all the latest requirements for data protection and privacy. We also offer a wide range of custom services towards your data, such as automated integration and customised data exports.

Addon: Body

Howdy Body continuously monitors the user’s physical pain and provides a real-time overview of the users experienced pain. Purchasing this addon provides access to the entire body universe. The body survey will be available to all users, your dashboard will be updated with detailed statistics about your user’s physical wellbeing and the response team will now include physiotherapists that will take proactive action towards employees in pain. Access to our extensive library of video exercises will also be included.

We also offer a list of professional services to all our customers. These services, designed to support your work with Howdy, are purchased individually and are tailored directly to your organisation. We offer services tied to all stages of your Howdy, all the way from implementation and kick-off workshops to our anchorage workshops.

See complete list of services on our professional services overview.

All our products conveniently bundled


Wellbeing plan

The wellbeing plan covers everything you need to start working on you and your user’s mental health.

Full plan

Our full plan includes the complete product portfolio from Howdy.

This includes everything from the wellbeing package, as well as the Howdy Body addon.

See complete feature list on our plan overview.

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Scientifically proven


Howdy Wellbeing uses the scientific framework WHO-5 that has gone through more than 200 scientific studies since professor Per Bech launched it in 1998. The model has proven to be one of the most precise in wellbeing assessment.

In 2018 Per Bech published an article in the Nordic Journal of Psychiatry based on Howdy data. The article concluded that proactive early intervention had a significant positive effect on user’s ability to return to normality after experiencing a drop into low wellbeing.


Howdy Body uses the Nordic Musculoskeletal Questionnaire that gives users the possibility of indicating their experienced level of pain in specific regions of their body.

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