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Strengthen the Social Aspect of ESG with Howdy 

As the world moves towards stricter ESG requirements, it is essential that companies understand and embrace these changes, especially the social aspect, which plays a central role. Incorporating Howdy into an organisation’s strategy can be a significant factor in addressing the social criteria of ESG


New EU Plan: Mental Health to be Equated with Physical Health

The EU Commission intends to equate mental health with physical health in a new plan presented in Brussels on June 7. The plan encourages EU countries to improve their ability to identify mental health issues early, both among the workforce and among children and young people.

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Hotel Director: Now we measure the mood of our employees

The lack of available hands in the hotel and experience industry is now causing Atlantic Hotels and KulturCenter Skive to measure the wellbeing of their employees to ensure a better work environment. It is necessary,

Customer stories

Green companies are measuring their employees’ wellbeing

Sustainability also relates to mental wellbeing. The waste sector employees and those working in the wind and solar energy industry are thus receiving increased offers for stress measuring and psychological support. And with the future EU requirements for sustainability, Lederne concludes that more companies will follow suit.