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What are reason codes/heat-map?

The reason codes are used for the classification of conversations with the response team and they are provided in a statistical form as feedback to the company in the regular reports. As per the recommendations

How is the average score calculated?

Each question is assigned a points score. Higher wellbeing results in a higher point score. Each question yields a number of points, which depends on how you respond to the question. The better the registered

What are the reports used for?

The monthly wellbeing reports are mostly used by management and HR to get an impression of the level of wellbeing in the individual departments/groups. They make it possible to make targeted and early interventions when

How are the monthly results followed up on?

Managers use the data in the Howdy Portal as a focal point for discussions on wellbeing in their department. Based on history and current data, they can talk about what works, what does not work,