The Howdy Score  – a new feature in our app

The purpose of the Howdy Score is to present the wellbeing of a group or organisation, as a simple – easy to understand – number, that indicates the current wellbeing status. The Howdy Score plays a big part of how we report wellbeing to management and HR.

Previously, the Howdy Score was only delivered to HR, managers and/or administrators with access to the Howdy Manager Portal.

With our newest app release – coming later this month – every user who uses the app* will be able to see the Howdy Score for their organisation. This will now give users insight into their own wellbeing as well as insight into the wellbeing of the organisation that they are a part of.

It is important that users can follow their own, their group and their organisation’s wellbeing to be able to maintain engagement. When we are asked to vote in elections, we are also interested in seeing the results of our participation. The same applies for knowing how our group and organisation is doing based on the answers we submit in Howdy. Ethics suggests that a person should be able to see the status of the things they are a part of.

We hope that this new feature will inspire users to participate in an open dialogue about wellbeing and provide clarity, transparency and understanding about how their own answers contribute to the general wellbeing of the organisation. The ability to follow the wellbeing of the organisation will increase participation, engagement and motivation to better care for our own and others wellbeing.

Please note that all information presented through this new feature will remain confidential and anonymized. This has been the case with all previously presented statistics and will remain so. Additionally, users will only be able to see statistics for companies and groups that they themselves belong to.

*The feature may not be available to all users, as some clients may choose to have this feature disabled.