New version of Howdy Body is live

Howdy Body monitors the user’s physical pain and provides a real-time overview of the pain level in the body.

The response team includes physiotherapists, who proactively assist employees who have indicated a high level of physical pain.

As a user, you have access to a large universe of exercises that can prevent injuries and reduce pain.

After many hours of development, we are now ready with a brand-new version of Howdy Body. The entire experience has now been upgraded – both in terms of design and the user experience itself:

We have analyzed your feedback and listened to the users. With the advice from, among others, the LGBT line, we have designed a brand new Howdy Body figure, which is now completely gender neutral. We have also used this opportunity to give the whole Howdy Body experience an update. Both the user experience and the design have been upgraded and will now provide a better experience for everyone who uses Howdy Body.

The extra effort to make Howdy Body nicer for the users was important for us, as we can see that focusing on the physical health really works. We have asked a selected group of Howdy Body users across organizations, who have been in contact with the response team, whether they feel the advice that has come from the physiotherapists has been useful to them. Here the majority answered “agree” or “strongly agree”.

The new Howdy Body figure is live but remember to update the app first. We hope you will be as happy with the new version as we are.

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