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Corona Virus

Howdy offers free Corona wellbeing hotline

In a time were our everyday lives are turned upside down, it is healthy to put this in into words. Therefore, the Howdy response team will be opened to all users.

The corona situation causes a major change in our everyday lives. A change that for some, can mean lowered motivation, job satisfaction, work engagement, as well as a cause for worry and restlessness.

That is why we have decided to open our response team up to all our users for FREE.

Who is the response team and what can they help with?

In our corona hotline are our business psychologists. They are active in our response team on daily basis, where they work to create wellbeing for the individual.

In the Corona hotline the psychologists can help you with:

  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Personal sparring
  • Management sparring (how to manage from a distance)

Including how to stay motivated while working from home, balance home-teaching and work, handle your own corona-related concerns along with other peoples, create a healthy virtual working relationship and how to manage in a different and digital environment, along with other issues related to your wellbeing. Do you need a breath of positive energy? Send us an e-mail on – and we will give you a call. Remember to leave your phone-number, and let us know which day you want to hear from us.

We wish you the best, especially in these Corona times.

Best Regards,
Howdy Team

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