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Scientific evidence for the effect of Howdy

A team lead by professor and manager of Psychiatric Hospital Northern Zealand has undertaken a study of the approximately 500,000 anonymous wellbeing surveys in the database of Howdy. His scientific study has shown a significant effect of the use of Howdy and the proactive response team attached to the solution.

Significant reduction in lasting stress loads

In the article, which has been published in the Nordic Journal of Psychiatry, Per Bech describes a group of Howdy-users, who have been in contact with the proactive response team. The group has been identified following a notable drop in the Howdy-wellbeing survey over the course of three months. Therefore, users with less significant fluctuations in the surveys are not part of the inquiry. This ensures that the effect is measured solely on a group, who have not been able to reverse a downturn into an upturn by themselves. Prior to the drop in the wellbeing survey, the group was at the same level of wellbeing as the national average for the Danish population.

In science, someone with a significant drop in the wellbeing survey is termed as being affected by an ”adjustment disorder”, a condition resulting from stress, which typically lasts for a period of up to six months. For Howdy-users this period is only a month!

Recognition of Howdy

With the article Howdy now has the word of science in favour of the positive effect of the continuous WHO-5 wellbeing surveys and the proactive response team. At Howdy the conclusions of the article are viewed with great satisfaction.

”The article underlines the statements from our customers regarding greater openness, increased dialogue and significant drops in the amount of sick leaves. That’s why it was a great day for us, when we received the results of Per’s pilot study and naturally, we are proud of the difference we make for our users,” says Esben Schnurre, a partner at Howdy.

After the results, Per wrote us a reflection of his thoughts: “Howdy has a significant positive effect. When you are able to prove common sense through science, I think you are well on you way. This important article totally confirms your method.“

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