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Howdy creates better conditions for wellbeing in the

Healthcare Sector

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Næstved, Slagelse and Ringsted Hospital offers Howdy to all employees

In the hospital world, the core task is to have the patient in focus. In order for the healthcare staff to give their best effort towards the patients, they need to thrive. To support the wellbeing of their employees, NSR – Næstved, Slagelse and Ringsted Hospital have chosen to offer Howdy as a wellbeing tool to all of their employees. 

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Better wellbeing in the Healthcare

The health sector is currently experiencing a big work pressure, lack of hands and changing shift schedules. It can affect the wellbeing. Howdy is the solution that ensures you maintain good wellbeing in the healthcare sector.

Benefits of using Howdy in the healthcare sector:

  • Howdy is an easy and simple way to answer wellbeing questions in the app and browser. All answers and data processing are completely anonymous.
  • Your management regularly receive an overview of wellbeing so that they can act proactively in the event of dissatisfaction.
  • Creates better conditions for wellbeing in the healthcare sector.
Use the TRIO collaboration to take full advantage of Howdy

We recommend involving your TRIO in the implementation, as TRIO is a good forum to discuss some of the questions that we know some employees will ask – or wish had been asked:

  • What about anonymity?
  • What happens to my data?
  • How do we ensure that Howdy is involved in the day-to-day work of the department?
  • Can I talk to Howdy during working hours?

A good physical and mental work environment is not only the responsibility of the manager. A committed and involved TRIO contributes to Howdy data being translated into a value-creating dialogue between employees and between manager and employee.

a solid foundation is key

Scientifically proven


Howdy Wellbeing uses the scientific framework WHO-5 that has gone through more than 200 scientific studies since professor Per Bech launched it in 1998. The model has proven to be one of the most precise in wellbeing assessment.

In 2018 Per Bech published an article in the Nordic Journal of Psychiatry based on Howdy data. The article concluded that proactive early intervention had a significant positive effect on user’s ability to return to normality after experiencing a drop into low wellbeing.


Howdy Body uses the Nordic Musculoskeletal Questionnaire that gives users the possibility of indicating their experienced level of pain in specific regions of their body.

Nethe Øllgaard Kling

Nethe Øllgaard Kling

Market Manager - Healthcare
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"I have looked at my habits and made sure to focus on my wellbeing. It has been incredibly helpful to get a reminder when I need to remember my own body and my own wellbeing. I have not been super good at that before. I have worked hard and taken care of my family members, and then I probably have lost focus on my self. It has been super healthy to change my priorities."
Male user of Howdy