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Exacta Regnskab - 15 employees

“In our company, the employee is the biggest asset. We found Howdy as a tool for measuring and optimizing the well-being of the company and for the employees individually. In addition, we also found that Howdy would send a signal to our employees that we are actually interested in them.”

Lars-Erik Nielsen – Director,  Exacta regnskab

Keycore - 30 employees

“In order to grow, we needed new ways to attract the right employees, and here Howdy has given us an extra dimension in relation to showing in the recruitment phase that in Keycore, we take care of our employees’ wellbeing”                     

Anette Jespersen Schucany – People Manager, Keycore​

“It may be that we pay for a health insurance, but if the employees do not use it or discover problems too late, then Howdy really is a relevant product”

Joachim Rørbøl – CEO, Efio

Energi Viborg - 100 employees

“Howdy itself is not the goal, but a tool to reach our goal. It promotes a better dialogue within our organisation.”

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Christian Hagelskjær – CEO,  Energi Viborg

“My ambition with Howdy is to continue to have a business that customers like to get into. At the same time, I also want to ensure to current and future employees that they have a job where they feel good. They all spend many hours at work – and it is important that they feel good.”

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Flemming H. Christensen – Direktør, VW Ishøj

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Feedback from Howdy users
"I have looked at my habits and made sure to focus on my wellbeing. It has been incredibly helpful to get a reminder when I need to remember my own body and my own wellbeing. I have not been super good at that before. I have worked hard and taken care of my family members, and then I probably have lost focus on my self. It has been super healthy to change my priorities."
Male user of Howdy
"One thing is an App that keeps an eye on what's going on. But another thing is that they call you up - that's pretty amazing. That's probably what gave me an insight into what I have been missing (…) I have thought a lot more about how my weeks have actually been progressing, whether I am actually doing work I want to do. It has given me some more reflection."
Female user of Howdy
"It's new for me to be aware of my wellbeing. This is something I have needed to be aware of. It's been fallen in the last six months. Howdy has strengthened my focus on wellbeing and confirmed the feeling I have had.."
Male user of Howdy
"It makes you consider how you feel everyday life has been working out, otherwise you forget to think about you own wellbeing."
Male user of Howdy
"Thanks, it’s a gift!"
Female user of Howdy
PFA and Howdy
The natural partnership

PFA started collaborating with Howdy in 2018 and has the solution out at
larger companies such as Ørsted, DSV, IKEA, Coloplast, etc. with documented impressive effect!

A study from PFA shows that every 5th person suffers from mental problems such as stress to such an extent that it directly inhibits them in their daily work. Many people overlook or fail to act on the symptoms – and those who do – often do so too late.

Howdy keeps an eye on employee well-being with frequent measurements. Employees in low or declining wellbeing are contacted by a response-team with an offer of a coaching interview. This type of conversation has been shown to have a significant effect in terms of getting employees back quickly and permanently in good wellbeing.

“What I particularly like about Howdy is that company executives and HR get
real-time data that can easily and simply measure the well-being of the team and organization, too
for the employees sitting in the home office. That one in addition to the ongoing
insight also gets a digital safety net that proactively addresses the employees there
misfortune is an added bonus. “

Rikke Bay Haaber – Chief of Strategic Health, PFA Pension