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Sustainability is also taking care of your employees before they get sick

Stena Recycling is the Nordic region's largest recycling company, which embraces all waste solutions and ensures companies a circular and sustainable footprint - With Howdy, the organization proactively looks after its employees, as a completely natural extension of that DNA.

Stena is one of Howdy’s newest customers and a business partner who, in its approach to green transition, sustainable management and an early care strategy, has really emphasized that for the company to achieve its goals and deliver in an ever-increasing pace, is entirely dependent on the employees thriving. Howdy has been implemented as a pilot project in the company’s branches in Grenå and Roskilde, and at Stena they simply have a motto that underpins the sustainable approach, which is: “We live as if there is a tomorrow”.

15 years ago, Stena Recycling worked with waste. Today we work with production.

That sentence from Production Director at Stena Recycling, Jakob Drechsler Lund, very precisely sums up the development in the recycling industry.

Up to 97% of a car today gets recycled, and today scrap is not scrap – it is gold. It is good for both the planet and the economy.

At Stena, the majority of the workforce consists of men, who are largely indispensable specialists. In general, men – also outside Stena – are worse than women at noticing and reacting to early signs of dissatisfaction. Therefore, the collaboration with Howdy is essential, to ensure that the employees get the help they need in time, and support that they arrive at work in good “shape”.

This applies not least because inattention and mistakes, made e.g., because the sleep is lagging or the head is somewhere else, in Stena can potentially have serious consequences in terms of safety. They work with heavy machinery, with complex workflows and in the same way that it is a matter of course to protect employees with helmets, shoes, and other safety equipment, it is relevant to focus firmly on ensuring the employees’ mental health. Or as Jakob Drechsler Lund says:

We believe that prevention is a better solution than the cure - a seat belt in your car has no effect if it’s applied after you have been in an accident.

For Stena, as a Howdy customer, this means e.g., that employees who show early signs of dissatisfaction are proactively contacted by Howdy’s response team, which consists of psychologists and physiotherapists. The response team ensures together with the employee that what he can feel is taken seriously and is acted upon. 

At the same time, management, and HR all the time – through anonymized data – have insight into the company’s overall wellbeing picture and thus have valid, completely up-to-date data on which to make decisive decisions. For the benefit of the individual employee, for the benefit of the bottom line and for the benefit of the company. And especially because: “We live as if there is a tomorrow”!

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