Keycore: Howdy® provides us an extra dimension in the recruitment phase

The company Keycore has been on a journey of growth over the past few couple of years, where they have gone from 9 to 40 employees and term themselves as a scaleup company. To continue their growth, it is essential to attract and recruit the right employees. This is a challenge within the IT-industry, where companies. A great challenge within the IT-industry at the moment is attracting qualified labour because companies compete with one another for qualified employees. This dynamic is also felt within Keycore:

”Our niche is a bit special so there are not many candidates with the right skills. In the start-up phase you could ”settle” for using your network for recruitment. However, in order to grow the strategy has changed to search. When we are in dialogue with candidates, Howdy® provides us the possibility of emphasizing thar we look after the wellbeing and welfare of our employees,” says Anette Jespersen Schucany – People Manager at Keycore.

At Keycore they work with cloud-based AWS-solutions. They are IT-specialists and in short order, they have managed to expand their customer portfolio to include Danish companies:

“We have been through a significant development at Keycore through the last few years in regard to moving from the smaller start-ups/innovate companies as primary customers to getting larger corporations to join the Cloud-wave. This growth has further necessitated the need to be at eye level with our employees as much as possible in the sense the dialogue has been incredibly important. It has not come naturally to everyone in the in the company to talk about how they are doing and here Howdy® has proven to be a good, anomymous dialogue tool for addressing these things, which can be transgressive for some to talk about”

Keycore chose Howdy® as a wellbeing tool due to several factors, but what they found to be particularly attractive was the simple and anonymous way of answering the questions:

”I am familiar with several tools for measuring wellbeing but we like Howdy’s simplicity, which makes it simple for the user to respond—there is no lengthy time-consuming survey—only 5 questions, which can be answers in less than 1 minute. At the same time, we were attracted to the fact that everything is completely anonymous and that we can couple it with our health insurance.”

The company has been signed on to the Howdy®-solution for about a year and the process has been both educational and sown quite positive results:

”After we have started to use Howdy®, we have gotten a new angle for dialogue on wellbeing or, for instance, what it means for the individual to be happy. At the same time, the results from Howdy have provided us with data, which makes it simple to assess where to intervene, if necessary, in case something does not work. It has provided us with insight and knowledge I probably did not expect we would gain when we signed on.”

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