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New cooperation set to increase wellbeing among higher education students

With a new digital tool, which includes a proactive response team, SRG and Howdy can help educational institutions follow the wellbeing of their students and assist and support those students who thrive to achieve better performances and decrease poor wellbeing or unnecessary dropouts.

The students of higher education have suffered during the lockdown. Now that everyday life has gradually begun to resume, it is difficult to predict how they will react to the reopening of society.

Will the students effortlessly return and successfully rebuild important student communities? Or will we see a rise in dissatisfaction and unnecessary dropouts because the students find it difficult to return to student life, as it was prior to COVID-19?

Educational institutions may not experience that their students are trending toward poor wellbeing. However, even though the students may fare well, they will often experience significant pressure in the lead up to exams, etc., and here a tailored response can help the individual achieve greater performance and experience less stress.

That is why SRG and Howdy have begun a cooperation, which provides the educational institutions with the opportunity to follow the wellbeing of their students and subsequently get the chance to intervene before it is too late. Based on a scientific pilot study Howdy has been proven to recover people from poor wellbeing six times faster than traditional interventions.

”Many students need assistance but do not seek assistance themselves. We have been able to see that very clearly during the lockdown, where the increased dissatisfaction has not gotten more students to seek assistance. That is why it is crucial that we now get this platform where we can reach out to the student,” says Thomas Braun, director of Student Counseling.

SRG has received extraordinary means for the special response through the restart package, which provides interested educational institutions the opportunity to use the Howdy-solution for free for a period of three months. There is room for 100,000 students according to the principle of ”first come, first served”.

“Since 2014 Howdy has been used by private and public companies across industries. In user surveys among our customers, we have received feedback about significant drops in the number of long term sick leave and an increase in dialogue and reflection among the employees. We are looking forward to transfer those experiences to the study-environment and help the students focus on their wellbeing and the educational institutions gain increased insight,” says Rasmus Hartung, CEO of Howdy.

The development of the response team is already well underway and from October the educational institutions will be able to follow the wellbeing of their students through anonymous wellbeing data.

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