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The fiscal year for Howdy ApS shows growth and a positive result

In 2019 management at Howdy laid out a 3-year plan, wherein the company was set to deliver its first positive annual result by 2020 and follow a highly ambitious plan to develop the best digital tool for wellbeing in the workplace. The accounts for the fiscal year of 2020 have just been turned in and show a growth of 185% compared to last year’s fiscal year, which has yielded a positive result of 530,000 kr.

“I am very happy with this year’s result and the fact that we have managed to grow and expand our market position in spite of the pandemic and our employees have turned in an excellent effort, in what can easily be described as a different year,” says Rasmus Hartung, CEO of Howdy. He continues:

“I am very pleased with the many employees we have helped through our clients over the past year and that this assistance will be further improved with the product improvements, we have managed to get out in 2020 such as additional online reporting, which provides insight to our clients’ management group, but in particular the new app, which thousands of Howdy-users enjoy daily. We stand even stronger than before and intend to use our position to further develop the Howdy® solution. At the same, we are looking at a 2021, where we once again expect to double our userbase, so I am full of optimism.”

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