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Howdy celebrates its 5th birthday

Today on the 10th of October, it is World Mental Health day – and also the day where we celebrate that it has been exactly five years since we embarked on our paradigm changing journey, towards improving well-being and breaking the stress-curve.

The idea

We started with a blank piece of paper, and a mutual frustration about the endless offers of passive hotlines that requires people to react themselves – even though multiple studies reveals the ineffectiveness of these. This means that every day people are pushed over the edge, resulting in very high costs – both for the individual, their employer and society in general.

With help from professionals – such as professor Per Bech and the Danish Psychiatry Fund – Howdy was born, and the first customer started exactly on this day where the World Mental Health day is being celebrated.

We did have challenges along the way – a paradigm change is a challenge to what currently exists, and because of that we have incited both excitement and skepticism.

Fortunately the skepticism is history, and today digital prevention is accepted by most companies and people we talk to. On our birthday we proudly look back at more than one million wellbeing measurements and more than 15.000 calls to persons that needed help. These are great numbers and they are supported by a recent scientific pilot study as well as more than 4.500 user surveys.

The pilot study and user surveys documents a significant reduction in stressrelated sick leaves and reveals that people who do experience a drop in their wellbeing, returns to their regular level six times as fast as usual.

That, we’re proud of!

Thank you to our customers and their employees for their trust!

Rasmus Hartung – CEO

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