Feedback from the Howdy Body pilot project

From a happy howdy body user:

“In connection with some excessive/wrong exercise, I had gotten some pain in the lower part of my back. Because of that I got the exercises for this area of the body from Howdy. There are a lot of exercises to choose from and I think the videos shows them really well.

Having done the exercises a few times has really helped – exactly where the pain was, and I’ve gotten a lot better. It’s very nice having these exercises accesible at all times and for a specific area of your body.

First feedback on Howdy Body

“I woke up with a bit of pain in my neck after tuesdays dance practice. Howdy Body showed me some neck exercises, which i spent around 10 minutes on – and now the pain is gone!”

Gunnar, 53 years old – office job with a lot of screen work and enthusiast dancer