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Understand how we control the data

Conceptual dataflow diagram

This conceptual dataflow diagram shows the various roles of the involved persons, accessing and using the Howdy data.


1. The list of participants includes the following data per participant:

Personal data:

  • Organisational ID *
  • First name *
  • Surname *
  • E-mail address *
  • Mobile telephone number
  • Role: Employee / Manager
  • Seniority
  • Date of birth
  • Private zip code + city
  • Health scheme
  • Organisational:
  • Department hierarchy (Divisions, Departments, Units)
  • Nearest manager
  • Location

* marks the required information for setting up the agreement.

2. API documentation

The API documentation is available here:

3. Data deletion

Data is deleted in a number of different situations, that takes into account privacy, anonymity and the like. The policies are described in more details in our Terms & Privacy Policy.

4. Data access

The access level is based on the user role, e.g. manager can only access data for the team that he/she manages. HR, when assigned the Admin role, can access all data. More details are available in the overview below.


Notice: If automatic synchronization is activated (API integration or Blob Storage) all E(DIT) rights to PARTICIPANT’S BASE DATA is removed from all portal users.

*1 Reporting covers PDF reports and dashboard data.
*2 Can only create email address and phone number. Once created it becomes invisible (for anonymity reasons).
*3 Cannot change email address and phone number if updated by participant.
*4 Limited to own department data.
*5 The Response Team can only access data if there is an open case for the actual participant.