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Increased flexibility in Howdy Body

We are increasing the flexibility of the Howdy Body Response Team. We are making the conversations with our physiotherapists much more optional and accessible even when registering mild or moderate pain.

In Howdy Body, choosing a conversation with our physiotherapist is now possible, when a low to medium degree of pain is registered. In this way, we increase our Howdy Body Response Team’s flexibility, freedom of choice, and availability. With this initiative, we believe the individual user will, to a greater extent, experience getting the right help when in need. This article and the changes described are only relevant to our customers, who subscribed to Howdy Body as part of their Howdy solution. Our Howdy Body Customers have given us feedback and we are now listening to increase the overall experience with Howdy Body.

With the new model, the individual user is offered a call from our physiotherapist as soon as a low level of pain is registered. It will be a simple offer where the user can accept or decline. In cases where a high degree of pain is registered, we still call proactively. This is an improvement compared to previously where all Howdy Body calls have been proactive without the user being given a choice, and only possible with a pain registration above average.

The main purpose of this change is to increase flexibility regarding the conversations with our Response Team. We hope it will make our calls more meaningful and relevant for the users. With the goal of prevention, it makes sense to talk with users in need, when they have a wish for it themselves.

Why accept a call from Howdy?

At Howdy, we have a focus on preventive counselling. This new feature supports exactly this. We would like to talk to the individual before severe pain is registered. We want to start a dialogue, while the right advice and a relatively small effort can be enough to help the individual back on track. Preventing low wellbeing is a win-win for everyone, both for the user, his or her family, the employer, and society. When we combine the reflection users get from answering with relevant counselling from our Howdy Body Response Team, we can increase the awareness of the user’s physical condition. The increased awareness enables the user to act earlier and maintain a good physical health.

What happens when a user accepts a call from Howdy?

If a user agrees to a call, a physiotherapist from our Howdy Body Response team will call within two working days. If the time is inconvenient, the user is free to rearrange directly with the counsellor. The physiotherapist will ask about the current situation, and together with the user create an action plan. After the conversation, the user will have a better understanding of whether it is necessary to seek additional help.

When are users called proactively by Howdy?

If the user registers a high degree of pain, they will be informed that we will be calling them. We do this based on the belief, that everyone will benefit from a call if they have such a severe degree of pain. We promise, and will continue to, proactively reach out to those who are not doing well. As something new the user now has the possibility to write a note, where they can elaborate on their pain and describe the cause, context, and anything else relevant to the physiotherapist. As described above the purpose of the conversation is to create an action plan for the user, to start acting to increase his or hers wellbeing. If the user does not wish to be called, it will be possible to note this in the comment or simply reject the call.

If you have any questions about the new model, you are always welcome to contact the Howdy Supporten.

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