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Wellbeing Response Team

The module Howdy Wellbeing includes a proactive response team. The following conditions apply to the Response Team services:

  1. The Response Team calls the Persons who show a need for contact through the use of the Howdy Wellbeing module. A case is created in Howdy’s case system when a need for contact is registered. The number of cases in the Response Team is limited to a maximum of 2 cases per Person for a 12 month period (calculated from the Start Date). If the Response Team and the Person jointly finds it relevant, a follow-up call can be agreed. (i.e. one case covers one call and potentially a follow-up call).

  2. If a Person uses the maximum number of cases, cf. 1 above, but still showing contact needs, the Person is notified, through a message in the App, that the answers do not trigger a call from the Response Team. The Response Team is then not responsible for or obliged to make calls or follow-up with the Person for the remaining 12 months.

  3. If a Person is not reached on the first try, the Response Team will make another 3 attempts within the following 2 working days (Monday to Friday excluding Danish national holidays, Constitution Day, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day). If contact cannot be made after the 4th attempt, the case will be closed and, if possible, an electronic message is sent to the Person notifying that contact has been attempted. Such an attempt is counted against the total number of available cases, cf. 1 above.

  4. If the Person has concluded a case with the Response Team, a 6 week quarantine will be taking efffect, where the no new cases will be created. This is done to allow the Person an opportunity to work with the guidance and recommendations given by the psychologist in the Response Team.

  5. The Response Team is open Monday to Thursday from 08:00 to 20:00 and Friday from 08:00 to 16:00 excluding Danish national holidays, Constitution Day, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.