Resetting Your PIN-code

If the PIN-code for your login has been forgotten, you can reset it through the login screen of the Howdy App or through

How To Reset Your PIN-Code Via The Howdy App

  1. Open the Howdy smartphone App.
  2. Input your email and click Next.
  3. Click on Forgot Code?
  4. A webpage will open. Enter your email and click Send.
  5. An email will now be sent to you. Click the button in the email that says Reset PIN-code.
  6. A webpage willl open. Enter your new PIN-code twice and click Reset PIN-code.

How To Reset Your PIN-Code Via

To reset your PIN-code via, go to the website and follow steps 2 through 6 as seen in the beginning of the article.

Make sure to enter a valid email. You will not be able to reset your PIN-code if you do not enter a recognizable email.