Focus your wellbeing effort in the right place

Heat map

The heat map helps reveal what the underlying causes of your group's low wellbeing may be. And help you identify where you need to focus your wellbeing effort.

From wellbeing assessment to dialogue

Howdy is a service that continously asks about mental and physical wellbeing. Based on these inquiries, we can identify whether or not the users have a high, medium or low wellbeing. If the users have a low wellbeing, the Howdy response team will be activated, which means that within a few days, a professional will attempt to contact the user in order to complete an confidential conversation. Users with a medium or high wellbeing can in some cases also request a conversation. Our professionals will typically be a business phychologist or a physical therapist, depending on whether the wellbeing in question is mental or physical. It can e.g. also be a nurse. In some configurations, the user will not be contacted directly, but will instead be encouraged to take contact to a relevant professional themselves.


The number of low wellbeing cases are reported to the employer based on whether a professional response agent was able to reach the user. However, only groups with at least five answers within the given period are reported. If the user consents, our professionals can assign the reason of that user’s low wellbeing to a reason code, which is then presented in pseudonymized form to the employer via our heat map. In each period, each reason code is provided a heat level – a shade of colour – that indicates which causes are carrying most weight towards that periods low wellbeing. The heat map will also be available to subgroups, that fulfills the requirement of at least ten answers within the period – a precaution to protect the user’s anonymity. Cases of low wellbeing can be assigned up to two reason codes, with the possiblity of individually weighing each reason code.

Technical explanation

There are ten heat levels, with the stronger colors indicating a higher heat level. Each reason code with at least one case, is calculated as having one of these heat levels. The heat level is calculated by first adding up all cases with that reason code assigned and with a weight for each assignment. This sum is divided by the number of active users in the group in the relevant period. That number is then compared against all reason code assignments across Howdy data. The heat level is then the decile placement of the group within the population. Howdy Body and Howdy Wellbeing reason code assignments are considered separately.