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Millennial Mental Wellbeing & Howdy join forces

Addressing the world’s most pressing issue – Howdy & Millennial Mental Wellbeing (MMW) join forces to accelerate the adoption of mental health in workplaces.

The new partnership will increase retention of young professionals, decrease stress leave in workplaces.  

What are the problems this strategic partnership is addressing?

This partnership addresses several problems at different levels:

  1. One of the global pressing issues is the projected cost of poor mental health globally ( $ 6 Trillion by 2030 according to a recent research carried by Harvard School of Public Health in 2022 Our partnership is set to address this pressing problem by bringing innovative solutions, advocating for starting the dialogue on this tabooed topic and increasing adoption of mental health tools in workplaces.
  2. The second and most important problem that our partnership will solve is to help the workplace to effectively implement mental wellbeing services in the workplace. This is especially relevant to workplaces who are forward looking and interested in becoming the workplace of choice for young professionals. It is no secret that HR departments are struggling with the high turnover rate of Millennials and Gen Z. Our partnership will enable them to understand, design and retain young professionals.
  • 72% of young professionals have listed mental wellbeing as their top priority in life.
  • 92% stated that workplaces are the right channel to advocate for mental wellbeing.

These findings are urging workplaces to redefine what matters for their future leaders. Given that by 2025, 75% of the workforce will be composed of Millennials.  

What is the expected outcome of this partnership?

This new partnership will result in a new product bundle which will bring the best of both solutions to our end customers. This product bundle will provide value to three distinct pillars in the workplace: Culture, HR/Business Leaders and young professionals. The reason our product bundle focuses on these three target areas is because of our deep understanding of mental health, which is primarily a taboo topic that is rooted in our lives beyond just “work life”. Our solution aims to enable workplaces to reduce stress leave and burnout, increase retention of young professionals and see improved performance of employees.

Strengthening the culture: As mental health is a taboo topic; the starting point will be to initiate the dialogue on the importance of mental health by normalizing the conversation and breaking the stigma on mental health – this will be primarily led and delivered by MMW through their data driven designed program based on 7000 data points from young professionals. This will include workplace mental wellbeing related activities such as employee’s wellbeing survey, educational campaigns.

HR/Business Leaders:  HR/Business leaders are the change agent and soldiers of any workplace, therefore Howdy Wellbeing solution will enable HR to access the necessary tools such as an interactive dashboard with a heatmap that enables them to understand what the current challenges are faced by their employees, this includes access to tips and tricks on how to approach mental health conversations.

Employees and Young Professionals: for workplaces to realize their investments in mental health, and see real results of reduced stress leave, burnout and increased retention of young people, Howdy & MMW bring together a sustainable solution that will enable workplaces to provide relevant and accessible mental health tools to their employees at all time.

All employees will get access to Howdy Wellbeing App which provides access to mental health services, wellbeing tips and tricks, mindfulness exercises, physical exercises, and webinars on demand. Simultaneously, MMW will delivers on its program of 5 workshop series with 2 tracks:

Track 1:

    • Kick Start Your Mental Wellbeing Journey
    • Mental Health 1:1
    • Multi-generational wellbeing in the workplace

Track 2:

    • Stress Management,
    • Burnout prevention techniques,
    • Building Resilience 

Understanding that Mental health is not static, and it is dynamic, requiring daily mental health practice, we believe that the combination of these two solutions will enable workplaces to see real results through our effective and targeted solution.

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