Proven assurance of GDPR compliance

Howdy’s annual statement on organizational and technical security has just been revised by PWC – our external audit partner. Our safety statement is an ISAE 3000 Type II statement. This means that you can feel secure in our processes, quality focus and compliance with current and future legal requirements in relation to data processing.

CEO of Howdy, Rasmus Hartung, states: “At Howdy, we work daily with sensitive personal data. We handle many different tasks, from handling contact data in a secure way to handling deeply confidential conversations in our response team. No matter what level we handle sensitive personal data, our customers and their employees must feel confident that their data is well taken care of. Therefore, we submit to an annual 3rd party inspection of our IT and organizational security procedures, so that everyone can see, that we are doing as we say we do. I would appreciate that security check myself, so I believe others do too.”