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Worklife Barometer changes their name

Worklife Barometer is changing their name to Howdy. The name of the company and their product are now the same. 

Why change their name? 
Worklife Barometer believes that Howdy is more modern, shorter and has greater recognisability. Furthermore, throughout the last few years, they have continuously expanded their product with additional modules. Howdy no longer just encompasses ”Howdy” but Howdy Wellbeing, Howdy Body, and Howdy Feedback.

The product, the company and the team remain the same. Only the name is changing, though a small addition in the form of a small “R” hovering above the y in Howdy has been added, given that the trademark registration in the EU and the UK have come through, so Howdy has become Howdy®.

Gravitas behind the name

Several customers believe that Howdy sounds a little silly—and admittedly it does!

However, the name belies a serious fact, in that far too many people overlook the signals for physical and mental dissatisfaction and stress. This means that physical therapists and psychologists are busy bringing people back on track after things have gone awry. Through a blend of digital solutions and proactive calls from physical therapists and psychologists at an early stage, Howdy assists its users effectively to stop and reflect on the question: “How am I really doing?”—or as the Americans like to say: “Howdy – how are you doing?”

Additionally, the name ”Worklife” simply does not fit. People’s wellbeing is about more than their worklife—it is about life in general. That is why Howdy has always focused on the “whole human being” and not just on the worklife.

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