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Howdy fejrer 9-års fødselsdag på World Mental Health Day

Today, the world marks World Mental Health Day, and we in Howdy are also celebrating something special: it is precisely nine years since Howdy was launched, thereby commemorating our anniversary. The coincidence with World Mental Health Day provides us with a good opportunity to reflect on what we have achieved so far. It is also an occasion to place extra emphasis on the importance of mental health in today’s working life.

World Mental Health Day is an annual event created by the World Health Organization to focus on mental health. This day has never been more relevant, as the working environment is constantly changing and increasingly demanding on us all. Since the first World Mental Health Day in 1992, the aim has been to remove the stigma often associated with mental health and to make wellbeing a right for everyone. Each year, the day focuses on a new theme to keep the discussion going. The theme for 2023 is ‘Mental Health is a Universal Human Right’.

Howdy was launched on 10/10/2014 out of the observation that there was a lack of a comprehensive solution in the market that could address both the individual wellbeing of employees and the overall wellbeing of the organisation. The tools that existed at that time only reacted to problems rather than preventing them. It was no longer just about crisis management or sporadic health programmes, but about creating a culture where proactivity was paramount.

From the outset, the goal with Howdy has been to combine digital prevention with proactive, early care. Over the past nine years, the solution has helped both companies and their employees manage their mental, physical and organisational wellbeing, creating an environment where employees feel seen, heard and, above all, thrive.

Rasmus Hartung, Co-founder of Howdy, states:

“Today is a significant day for us at Howdy. It’s not just World Mental Health Day; it’s also the day Howdy was launched 9 years ago. Both aspects resonate deeply with what Howdy has been about from day one: assisting individuals and organisations in focusing more on mental and physical wellbeing.

Over the last nine years, we have concentrated on providing both organisations and individuals with the tools they need to improve. Our digital platform has facilitated important conversations and made it easier to address problems before they escalate. It’s all about creating a culture where being proactive is central.

It hasn’t always been an easy journey, but each challenge has made us even more committed to achieving our goals. We still have a lot of work ahead of us. We will continue to innovate, grow, and forge new partnerships so that more people benefit from the solution and create better wellbeing in the workplace.

A massive thank you to all of you in the team, our clients and partners, who have helped us get this far. We look forward to continuing the work to make wellbeing a part of everyday life in the workplace.”

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