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Version 3.0

Employee Consent

Consent to processing of personal data

You are about to start using Howdy.

By clicking “approve”, you give your free consent that Worklife Barometer ApS may:

Collect and process the information you provide in Howdy and to our Response Team when you interact with them. The information you give in Howdy and to our Response Team comprise information about your mental health in the form of an evaluation of your mental wellbeing (the collected score (green, yellow or red as well as a number on a scale from 0 to 100) produced on the basis of your answers in Howdy Wellbeing) and reason codes based on your conversations with the Response Team. As per applicable data protection legislation, such data are considered sensitive personal data.

Use your answers in Howdy to create anonymous statistics for us for internal use and for development of Howdy. Statistics will always be completely anonymous, so no information can be traced back to you.

If you wish to withdraw your consent

At any time, you may withdraw your consent through the app or by sending us an email at If you withdraw your consent, it will entail that we can no longer offer you services through Howdy. However, a withdrawal does not affect the legality of the processing of your personal data that was carried out prior to the withdrawal.

Privacy policy and terms

We always process your data in accordance with our privacy policy, which you can read here: Privacy Policy

If you want to know more

You can read more about our services by following this link:

This text is version 3 and updated in February 2021.