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Employee Consent

The employee will be presented with the following consent at their first use of Howdy. This must be accepted before the employee can use the service.

Consent of Treatment/Processing of Your Personal Data

You are about to use Howdy.

By using Howdy, you voluntarily agree that Worklife Barometer ApS can perform the following treatments of your personal data:

Set up a user account and process your personal data, e.g. by profiling

The profile will be set up from the following personal data we have received from your employer: Contact information, (name; email address; phone number; zip code), if applicable, health care benefits, as well as your organisational affiliation.

Your answers will be collected from the questions in Howdy. The information we record can be dependent on which modules your employer has activated.

We use information and answers to profile and contact you, if this becomes relevant. By doing so,  we and our Response Team can provide you with the best guidance.

If you are in contact with our Response Team information is gathered by the Response Team, on the basis of phone conversations that can be stored in your profile.

Assign demographic data and groupings to your profile

Groupings are constructed on the basis of the department or departments you are a part of at your workplace. We receive information about this from your employer.

Demographic data is collected from collaborators, so that we on a statistic level can become wiser and render an even better help to those of our users who need it.

Record and use sensitive personal data about you, e.g. information about your health

The purpose of this is always to provide the service and the help from the Response Team to you. We only record the information you decide to share with us and our Response Team. Some of this information might be sensitive personal information about you.

Pass your sensitive information on to our Response Team

The objective is that the Response Team can advice you on the basis of your entries into Howdy. We can save the information you give the Response Team as notes. If you during your conversation voluntarily accept it, we will record a categorisation of the conversation with a causation code (e.g. work pressure, problems with colleague etc.) for the purpose of anonymous reporting to for instance your employer. We can also store possible recommendations to seek treatment or any further counselling.

Use your registered information for statistic analysis and pass on statistics to your employer, pension companies etc.

Statistics are anonymous. We will not pass on any personally identifiable information about you.

We and third-parties may use your information in anonymized form

The anonymized information is used for internal purposes (Establishment of benchmarking in Howdy, machine learning etc.) as well as, for our cooperation with third-parties, for instance for scientific purposes.

Process your information to improve our service and render support

We use your personal data to improve our service, for instance by rendering technical support on Howdy.

Terms & Privacy Policy

We always treat your information according to our personal data policy and terms, which you can find here:
Terms & Privacy Policy

In this, your rights as a user are described.

Do You Want To Know More?

You can read more about our services on this website: howdy.care

On our website you can always see who we are cooperating with, so you know who will receive the anonymized/statistical data.