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Professional Consulting Companies and their EXPERIENCEs WITH HOWDY
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WTW is currently a leading global advisory and brokerage firm with a primary objective of assisting its clients in recognizing potential risks. By doing so, the company can effectively minimize human losses while simultaneously providing the best possible conditions for driving growth and achieving success.

WTW has used Howdy for a numerous of years, to secure good wellbeing and mental health among their employees. Hear from CEO, Lars Christensen, in the video.

Better Wellbeing in Professional Consulting Companies

Many companies find difficulties in retaining key employees and recruiting the right people. In addition, many experience a lack of time for management. Howdy makes the intangible, tangible.

Benefits of using Howdy in Professional Consulting Companies:

  • Retain key employees and gain an advantage in the recruitment phase
  • Get more time to grow your business and let Howdy keep an eye on the wellbeing
  • As a owner/manager, you may miss things in everyday life – let Howdy help you
Do you have time for managing your employees?

As a business owner, you often have a lot of different roles. From handling the finances, sale and servicing the customers to help with product development and marketing. This often results in lack of time to lead and manage you employees. Howdy is your extra help to spot employees in declining wellbeing and act in time.

The employees are a very important asset in achieving the company’s goals. As a leader, you may overlook things in everyday life – let Howdy help you.


Gunnar Brabrand

Sales Director

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