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Sorø Municipality's and their experiences with Howdy
Middelfart municipality and their experiences with Howdy
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Guldborgsund municipality and their experiences with Howdy

“Howdy is an incredible tool that has given us improved wellbeing. We are more focused towards what is good wellbeing, and what is bad wellbeing. We receive numbers that informs us if our wellbeing is dropping. Suddenly something, that earlier would have been whispered in the corner, now becomes clear. It becomes easier to ask; “why”, and “what can we do to help?” if we e.g. have a drop from one month to the next.

Jan Krogh
Team leader – Guldborgsund Municipality

Wellbeing = Core tasks = Finances

The municipalities carry out some of the most important tasks in society. When the municipality’s employees thrive, it is reflected both in the quality of the way the core tasks are delivered as well as on the bottomline. For the benefit of job satisfaction, for the benefit of the municipality and for the benefit of the municipality’s citizens.

Better wellbeing in Municipalities

It is well established that proactive efforts in the area of wellbeing are a good investment. Both when it comes to looking after existing employees and when attracting future employees.

Howdy captures early signals of declining well-being among employees, and supports with our proactive response team, so that we significantly reduce sickness- and stress-related absences with a great effect.

With Howdy you get an ongoing, up-to-date overview of the wellbeing among the employees, as well as a organizational overview of the wellbeing in the municipality as a whole. Independent survey places Howdy at the top.

This means that Management and HR can focus on wellbeing initiatives that actually work – to the benefit of employees, the municipality and the citizens. It makes sense humanly and on the bottom line.


We are a supplier on the SKI framework agreement and can deliver Howdy on
competitive conditions for the public sector. As a supplier, we meet a number of criteria
within quality, environment and social responsibility

Karen Sophie

Karen Sophie Olin Lerhard

Head of sales - Municipal customers