Howdy Wellbeing

High level of science behind a small model

For Employees

Howdy Wellbeing makes mental challenges in the workplace visible and acts proactively when need occurs.

Howdy Wellbeing continuously monitors the employee’s mental wellbeing and provides you with a real-time overview, insights and causes to the employee’s wellbeing or lack thereof.

Employees with low wellbeing will be offered a confidential conversation with a psychologist in an attempt to provide guidance and assistance towards a better mental health. The continuous monitoring also gives the employee an opportunity to stop, reflect and become aware of their own mental state.


For Managers

The module Howdy Manager is an extension to Howdy Wellbeing. On the basis of Howdy Wellbeing’s millions of replies and thousands of groupings, we benchmark the individual group’s wellbeing against other comparable groups and rank the group’s aggregated level of wellbeing in relation to other groups.

If we record either a general low level of wellbeing or a decreasing wellbeing in the group our manager alert team will react proactively, with the purpose of letting an impartial person from the alert team, work with the manager on handling the given situation.

We keep an eye on change in wellbeing in the entire organisation

On an organisational level our algorithm continuously keeps an eye on development in the level of wellbeing in the group and reacts proactively if we record either a general low level of wellbeing, or a decreasing wellbeing in the group.

Proactive manager sparring

To handle the proactive action a case is established in the Howdy Manager module. The manager will thereafter be contacted with the purpose of letting an impartial person from our manager alert team, work with the manager on handling the given situation. Before we contact the manager, we ask the manager to return his/her input on what he/she is thinking can be the cause of the low level of wellbeing, as well as suggest an appropriate time to talk.

The conversion itself takes base in the wellbeing scale, the manager’s input as well as the group’s history, and the Howdy Manager alert team will focus on the exact challenge the individual manager is facing. On the basis of concrete tools and techniques the manager is assisted to understand the wellbeing issues in his/her group.

What triggers a proactive conversation?

The establishment of a case in Howdy Manager happens on the basis of two continuous low recordings or 3 continuous decreasing recordings in the level of wellbeing. Since the manager is already made aware of the group’s low level of wellbeing in the monthly Howdy-report, we don’t take proactive contact after a single fluctuation (potentially spontaneous fluctuation), as the manager potentially can improve the circumstances at his/her own initiative (however, the manager has the option to contact the Howdy Manager alert team if need be). If the group’s level of wellbeing is not improved, we will react proactively and contact the manager in accordance with the description above.

The anonymity is kept

The conversation with the manager is never initiated on the basis of an employee-case in the Howdy alert team but always on the basis of the group’s aggregated wellbeing score. As a manager you can decide to speak about individual employees’ challenges, but the alert team will not be able to use the individual person’s Howdy-conversation or wellbeing scale in the manager-conversation. The conversation with the manager is kept confidential and is anonymous to the manager’s workplace.

Number of conversations

All cases always trigger the first conversation (conversation 1), which can be followed up with a “follow up conversation” (conversation 2). The exception to this, however, is if the manager actively opts out of the conversation.

If the manager is not available, 4 attempts at contact will be made, following the closure of the case. The system will then send a message to the manager to alert him/her that we have tried to contact him/her, giving the manager the possibility of reactivating the case.

2 cases per year per manager are included in the Howdy Manager standard package where each case can have 1-2 associated conversations, in accordance with the description above.

Howdy Wellbeing uses the scientific framework WHO-5 that has gone through more than 200 scientific studies since professor Per Bech launched it in 1998. The model has proven to be one of the most precise in wellbeing assessment.

In 2018 Per Bech published an article in Nordic Journal of Psychiatry based on Howdy data. The article concluded that proactive early intervention had a significant positive effect on employee’s ability to return to normality after experiencing a drop into low wellbeing.