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The response team consists of occupational psychologists who are equipped to address issues related to both work and personal life. Through sessions, they can assist you in finding solutions to challenges affecting your wellbeing.
The primary role of the response team is to assess and support users when needed. The team uses WHO-5 measurements to gauge wellbeing, which helps the individual gain increased awareness, reflection, and insight into their own situation. While the response team does not offer therapeutic treatment, they do provide coaching to users capable of enhancing their own wellbeing. Learn more about our psychologists here.

When a case is assigned to an occupational psychologist, they gain access to basic information about the person (first and last name, company affiliation, phone number, and response history). However, this access is strictly limited to the duration of the case. As soon as the case work ends, the case “disappears” from the system used by the occupational psychologist.¬†Find all information about calls and sessions on The Howdy Response Team page.