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Yes, participation in Howdy is entirely voluntary, but we strongly encourage everyone to join, regardless of how content you may currently feel. A high level of participation is essential for improving the overall work environment, enabling us to implement the right initiatives effectively. Each month, your participation contributes to the creation of wellbeing reports for your team and workplace, ensuring that our assessments remain accurate and reflective of the larger picture.

For you to truly benefit of Howdy, it is best to participate at intervals of around 2 weeks. Experience shows that this timeframe allows for effective reflection and offers the best overview of your wellbeing’s evolution.

As wellbeing is often a dynamic state that can change subtly over time, it is challenging to self-assess accurately. So even if you think you don’t need to participate this time around, consider the benefits of participating, as it provides valuable insights into your wellbeing’s subtle changes over time, helping you maintain a proactive approach to your health.