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Preparing User Data For Upload

Keeping your data updated is essential for Howdy. It ensures that new users gets their invitations, it cleans up old users and ensures that your wellbeing statistics are correct.

To make sure that the upload is smooth and frictionless, it is important that your data is formatted and cleaned properly before import.

Things To Avoid In Your Data

  • Avoid special characters such as hyphens, parantheses, quotation marks or other special characters.
  • Do not enter information that is not relevant or does not fit exactly into the field they are being uploaded.
    • Example: do not include status of an employee in their Name Field: Jane Doe (on leave).
  • Do not include headlines or other information in the user data.
  • Avoid empty fields in the document.

Tips For Improving Upload And Data

  • Keep it simply. Only upload the mandatory data and the necessary organisational data.
  • Double check your document. Look for errors, duplicates and wrong formatting. This may significantly reduce the time spent on upload.
  • If phone number is included, make sure it includes both + and country code before the number. Do not include spaces and ( ) in the number.
Image displays an example of good data with proper formatting.