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Make sure that the message gets through



To ensure our transactional emails are delivered successfully to your users, we recommend you explicitly allow our emails in your email-system. This is known as whitelisting. Whitelisting is typically the responsibility of your IT department.

IP-addresses and domains that need to be whitelisted

Our email service provider is Brevo and we recommend whitelisting the following IP ranges and domains: That can be understood as 4,096 IPs from to (latest IP range) That can be understood as 256 IPs, from to That can be understood as 256 IPs, from to

Email addresses we send from

Our emails have a from address which is: and/or
Our emails have a reply-to address which is: and/or

Sender Policy and Identified Mail

We use DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) and SPF (Sender Policy Framework). With DKIM, we use the selector: