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Data integration and maintenance

Integrating your employee data with Howdy

The Howdy platform needs accurate employee information in order to monitor the wellbeing of all employees in your Organization.

Keeping your employee information up-to-date can be done in three ways:

  • Manually through our Administration Portal
  • Automatically through our API
  • Automatically via Azure Blob Storage

Visit our API documentation page.

Depending on your organizations usage of Howdy, you might need to provide more information. If you wish to have reporting that runs per department, then you need to include the name of the department. If you wish to have reporting that runs per location, then you need to include the location, and so and so forth. Your Howdy administrator knows which data they have set up.

Where is the data?

If you are using Azure Blob Storage, then we can get the data automatically without any system integration from your side. Your employee data can be stored in many places inside your Organization. Usually you will find it in:

  • Active Directory/Exchange
  • Payroll systems
  • HR systems

On our API documentation page you’ll find an example of how to get started with Active Directory-synchronization.

How do we send the data?

You send the data by calling our API. You simply send us the whole list of employees then Howdy will figure out who to invite and who to update or remove from the system. It’s as easy as that.