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First things first

  1. Once every fortnight you will be prompted to answer 5 questions – either through our smartphone app or online using your computer
  2. When you have answered the questions, Howdy will inform you of your wellbeing level
  3. You can follow your personal wellbeing development in the app
  4. If you achieve a very low score on the wellbeing index, you will within 48 hours receive a call from our response team, who will start an informal conversation. Together you canĀ assess your wellbeing and the psychologist will help make recommendations on how to best deal with your situation
  5. If you achieve a medium low score on the wellbeing index, the conversation will be optional, and you can choose whether or not you would like a call directly in the app

With Howdy, the primary benefit is that now you can keep an eye on your own wellbeing, even in times when you typically would not. It is time to stop and reflect.

What happens now?

You will first be asked to give us your consent (the Act on the Processing of Personal Data requires us to do so). We would again like to stress that all of your personal information will remain anonymous to your employer. We also give you the opportunity to update your contact information and choose your own login code. The first time you open up the app, you will be prompted to enter your username and password, and then the app will remember them for you.

When you click confirm and give us your consent, you will be automatically redirected to our app Howdy, where you can submit your first answers. It is important that you think about the answers you provide and devote yourself to the entire period – it typically only takes a minute or two to answer the questions. Think of yourself as a complete person – i.e. both your wellbeing at home and at work.

What happens if I forget to answer?

It makes little difference if you forget to answer, as long as you remember to answer the next time. You are also welcome to answer while on holiday or during illness.

Is five questions enough?

If you answer honestly – which we highly encourage you to – many scientific experiments show that these five questions are sufficient in revealing your wellbeing level and are able to tell you if your wellbeing development is negative. The model was presented by a Danish professor in 1998, and it has subsequently become internationally recognized as an effective way of measuring wellbeing.