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Welcome to Howdy tips and tricks

Here you will find exercises, tips and tricks that can help you to a better wellbeing. The exercises are divided by theme; reflection, sleep, mood, relaxation, energy and motivation.

Remember your wellbeing is important – take time to selfcare.


Here are 5 questions that can help you reflect about your situation and wellbeing.
1. Find 3 good things you have experienced during the last 14 days.
2. Find 3 less good things you have experienced during the last 14 days.
3. Can you yourself, or someone you know, help you get more of the good things in your everyday life?
4. What will it take to get more of the good things?
5. Can you name 2 things you can do – starting today – to make the rest of your day a little bit better.


Create your own motivation!
Own the goals you want to achieve – Consider why you wish to succeed with these goals?
Make clear goals for what you want to achieve – remember to set sub-goals.
Create your own successes – every subgoal you achieve is a success – so let’s celebrate them! Successes motivates us all.


Being happy, experiencing pleasure and experiencing warmth are things we enjoy here and now, it gives us mental energy AND it improves our general wellbeing.
Consider what makes you happy – it is often the things you do automatically, because you simply can’t stop yourself from doing them. The things you do without having to plan them and write them in to your calendar. Remember to give yourself time and space to enjoy them.
Name 2 positive things that will affect your mood today.

Fun fact: “smile to the world, and the world will smile at you”. Did you know, that a smile initiates a mental process that makes you experience joy and see the world in a more positive light? Smile!


Are you having trouble sleeping?
Here are some advise for a better nights sleep:
Turn sleeping into pleasure.
Set aside time (7-8 hours every night).
Do you have a good sleeping environment?
Take time to calm down before going to bed.
Do not drink caffein after 16.00.
Read more about how to get a better night’s sleep at healthysleep.


Do you need help to calm down?
Find tools to help you calm down and relax. Choose between one of the short mindfulness exercises here.


Is your energy level causing you problems?
Nature has many positive effects on our energy, mood, relaxation and sleep.
Are you going for a walk outside today? A trip to the park, forest or beach can have a positive impact on your energy and wellbeing.

Remember to get the right fuel for your engine. Your body needs a healthy diet and exercise.
According to an English study from 2019, two hours in nature per week is enough for nature to have a positive impact on wellbeing. Therefore us at Howdy simply say “get going” – put on your shoes and go out into nature. It has previously been shown that nature has special powers that benefit our health and wellbeing.

For example, a study shows that trees release oils that increase our physical health and reduce stress. Another reason why nature has superpowers is perhaps that nature is often associated with physical activity – and we do benefit from that. Nature in itself also has a positive impact on us, studies show that staying in nature is related to experiencing fewer negative emotions. This suggests that we should prioritize a walk, run or swim in nature (forest, park, beach or similar) in our everyday life.

By the way – did you know that 93% of Danes report that nature and green areas have a positive influence on their mood?
Are you going out into nature today? Feel free to bring your family, because children achieve the same positive effects by being in nature!

Have a good trip!