Terms and privacy policy for DSB

By using Worklife Barometer ApS’ service through the Howdy technology platform (“Howdy”) you consent to these Terms and Privacy Policy (referred to as “Terms”) and thereby also that Worklife Barometer Aps (referred to as “WLB”, “We”, “us” or “ours”) process your personal data as described in this document.

Terms of use

Password and security

You are responsible for keeping your password secret and safe.

We recommend that you secure your mobile device with a secure code, meaning:

  • A code of minimum 4 digits.
  • To change your code at least once a year.
  • To use a different code for your Howdy app, to the code you are using for your mobile device.
  • Not to use zip codes, birthdates or repetition of digits.

Data responsibility

We take data protection seriously

We process personal data and therefore we have adopted these Terms to inform you of how your personal data is processed.

We are a data processor and we guarantee that your personal data is processed in compliance with the law.

Our contact information:

Worklife Barometer ApS
Njalsgade 76,
2300 Copenhagen S
CVR: 35395539
Phone no.: +45 888 777 00
Email: admin@worklifebarometer.com
Website: www.howdy.carewww.worklifebarometer.com

We guarantee fair and transparent data processing

When asking you to provide us with your personal data, we inform you of which of your personal data we are processing and for what purpose. You receive this information through these Terms at the time of gathering of your personal data.

Processing of personal data

Use of Howdy

It is voluntary for you to use Howdy.

Howdy includes one or more modules depending on the choice of your employer. The modules can be health related such as well-being scales (Howdy Well-being)and scales of physical pain (Howdy Body) but can also be used to gather other (organisational) feedback. It is your employer who decides what questions you are asked as a user. Before you receive the questions you will be met with a short introduction. Your answers to the questions are only passed on to your employer in an anonymized form.

When you are using Howdy

We utilise your personal data to deliver the best services to you through Howdy, improve our service and guarantee quality.

The personal data we utilise includes:

  • General personal data consisting of contact information;
  • Sensitive personal data, consisting of health information about well-being, pains etc. and other health relations;
  • Answers to different questions your employer finds relevant;
  • Organisational information, consisting of title, position etc.

The sensitive information we record, you have entered into Howdy yourself.

Email, text-messages and push-messages

You are automatically signed up for our “Reminder-engine” that ensures the paramount proactive intervention. The Reminder-engine will give you a notification when it is time to provide Howdy with your answers. Your information will not be used for marketing purposes.

We gather and store your personal data for certain purposes

Depending on which modules your employer has chosen, we gather and store your personal data for those purposes the modules support, for instance by monitoring your well-being at your workplace, pains etc. and other health relations.

We gather your information from professionally relevant question frames depending on the services that your employer wishes to utilise. This can for instance be well-being on the basis of the WHO-5 question frame and attempting to map your level of well-being on the basis of your answers. We can build on and expand these services within the purpose of Howdy.

The characteristics of the passed on information

Your employer has chosen how they would like to receive statistics through Howdy. All information passed on to your employer will only be passed on in anonymized form and as a part of statistical records. It is very important to us that your employer cannot identify the person behind a well-being report.

Your employer will receive anonymous reports containing an overview of the well-being level in the entire company or a specific department.

The employer can also receive a statistical, anonymized report where at least 5 respondents must be invited to provide information through Howdy. In this report your employer will receive statistical information based on a “traffic light” indicator of green, yellow and red. It is also evident if some answers have not been submitted, but not who that has not submitted answers.

We only process relevant personal data

We process the personal data about you that are relevant and sufficient in terms of the purposes defined above. We do not use any other personal data than what we need for the specific purpose.

We only process necessary personal data

We gather, process and store only the personal data that is necessary in relation to meeting our set purposes.

We verify and update your personal data

We must ensure that the part of your personal data we store is correct and if needed, updated. As our service is depending on the fact that your personal data is correct and updated, we ask you to register any updates through the self-service in Howdy.

Furthermore, we receive any updates to your contact information and organisational relation from your employer.

We anonymize your personal data when it is no longer necessary to us

We anonymize your personal data when it is no longer necessary in relation to the purpose of which we gathered, processed and stored it.

We anonymize all personally identifiable information immediately after:

  • you have unsubscribed from Howdy; (Thereafter, we only have your contact information, which we process according to our collaboration-agreement with your employer. If you have any questions to this processing you should address your employer);
  • We have received notice from your employer that you have resigned. In the case that your employer terminates the agreement with us we immediately after the termination anonymize all personally identifiable data.
If our response team is required by law to keep a journal of your medical information, it is not included in our deletion-procedure.

We collect your consent before processing your personal data

We collect your consent before processing your personal data for the purposes described above.

You will receive a copy of your consent on email, so you can always familiarise yourself with what you have consented to. You can at any given time by sending an email to opt-out@worklifebarometer.com withdraw your consent to the fact that we can process your personally identifiable information. A withdrawal of consent will imply that we can no longer deliver our services to you.

We do not pass on your personal data without your consent

We do not pass on your information in personally identifiable form to anyone without your consent, including use in marketing.

We do not pass your personal information in personally identifiable form on to your employer.

However, we do not collect your consent if we are legally obliged to pass on your personal data, for instance as part of a reporting to an authority.

We use the gathered information to improve our service offerings and in anonymized form for scientific and statistical purposes, where data from many users is included.

We utilise profiling

We utilise profiling to offer the different services in Howdy. Profiling is done by an automated run-through of your answers and awarded points. Where possible we use an underlying professional frame of reference, such as the WHO-5 to measure well-being and calculate a well-being score.

If the profiling of your answers uncovers a need for health related counceling, we will inform you of this with a recommendation for you to reach out to your available health care.

It is necessary for us to utilise profiling to be able to give you the full benefits of Howdy.



We protect your personal data

As a data processor we have taken the necessary technical and organisational security measures against the information – obtained from you – being accidentally or illegally destroyed or are lost or altered, as well as against unauthorized disclosure, abuse or other processing in violation of the law concerning the protection of personal data. Through these two links you will find a more detailed description of our security: 


We use other data processors to store and process personal information on our account in accordance with this data policy and the current legislation. These data processors all act in accordance with the instructions they have received from us.

You can read more about our data processors here: 

In case of a breach of security, resulting in a high risk of discrimination, ID-theft, economical loss, loss of reputation or other significant disadvantage for you, we will notify you about the breach of security as soon as possible.

Your rights

You have the right to gain access to your personal data

At any given time you have the right to be informed of which of your personal information we are processing, where it derives from and what we are using it for. You can also be informed of how long we store your personal data and who is receiving your personal data in the extent to which we are passing on personal data in Denmark and abroad.

You are entitled to data portability and thereby receive your information in a structured, commonly utilised, machine-readable format.

You can demand your rights by addressing us. Our contact information can be found at the top.

You have the right to get inaccurate personal data corrected or deleted

If you are under the impression that the personal data we process about you is inaccurate, you have the right to get them corrected. You must address us and inform us of where the inaccuracies lie and how we can correct them.

In some cases, we will be obliged to delete your personally identifiable data. For instance, this becomes relevant if you withdraw your consent. If you are under the impression that your personal data is no longer necessary in relation to the purpose they were gathered for, you can ask us to delete them. You can also contact us if you believe that your personal data is being processed in contravention with the law or other legal obligations.

When addressing us with a request to amend or delete your personal data we investigate if the conditions are fulfilled and in that case complete amendments or deletion as soon as possible.

You have the right to object to our processing of your personal data

You have the right to object to our processing of your personal data. You can utilise the contact information at the top to send an objection. If your objection is legitimate we will make sure to stop all our processing of your personal data. If you wish to make a complaint about our processing of your personal data you also have the option to reach out to the Danish Data Protection Agency (Datatilsynet):

Borgergade 28, 5
1300 Copenhagen K
Phone no.: +45 33193200
Website: www.datatilsynet.dk
Email: dt@datatilsynet.dk


Copyright on content

All intellectual property of the content on Howdy, including the configuration, processor, design, graphics, images, etc. and any development hereof is the property of us with limitation to information on third-party sources.

The above does not entitle us to use your information on Howdy in a personally identifiable form in any other context. We solely use information in anonymized form to develop and improve the content on Howdy.

Limitation of liability

Limitation of liability

WLB strives that Howdy is always accessible. However, situations might occur where Howdy is not accessible, which among other things can be caused by security or maintenance reasons, network issues, failure in communication connections and hardware. We continuously create backups but cannot guarantee against the loss of data. WLB assumes no responsibility for loss or damage of content on your profile connected to such incidents.

The content of the answers you provide in Howdy can solely be used as a guide and cannot replace consultations with a doctor or other professional counsellor. If in doubt, you should always contact your own doctor. WLB do not guarantee to identify persons who are suffering from stress, depression, anxiety or other health related disorders that can affect the individual’s mental or physical well-being.

WLB cannot be held responsible for illness, death, disability or economical loss (either direct or indirect loss) on the basis of using Howdy unless this was caused by intentional or grossly negligent acts or omissions.

Danish law

These terms are subject to Danish law. Any dispute on the understanding of this shall be settled at the Danish Court. Previously mentioned rule on applicable law does not include Danish Law’s international legislation on private law.

Amendments of terms

WLB reserve the right at any given time to amend these Terms and will inform you hereof at an appropriate notice. The applicable Terms are accessible on Howdy at any given time.