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Howdy-webinar är fyllda med den senaste informationen om välbefinnande samt de bästa metoderna för att skapa framgång, förändringar och hållbara beslut. Våra webbseminarier bidrar och inspirerar dig till att fortsätta med ditt arbetet med ett bra välbefinnande. Howdy webinars riktar sig till alla som brinner för välbefinnande och personlig utveckling.

We aim to host at least one webinar every month.
All our webinars are free of charge, can be attended by anyone and will be held in Danska.

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Ämnen från våra tidigare och framtida webbinarier

The Mental Plank / Corona

The Covid-19 pandemic has, with more and more restrictions, casted a dark shadows on our daily lives. In the Howdy response team we talk to a lot of people who are affected daily by the isolation and working from home, including the lack of small talk by the coffee machine and the opportunity to see and hear colleagues physically.

We see a comparison to holding the plank – A physical challenge where you lie stretched on your forearms and toes for as long as possible. It is hard, and to succeed with the plank for a longer time, it is important that we:

  • Train our tolerance. In relation to Covid-19, our mental plank
  • Recognize our boundaries
  • Create good conversations that increase motivation and persistence
  • That we help each other in the best possible way keep spirits high

At the webinar we dive into tips and tricks to train your mental plank – and help you to a positive start of 2021.

Det digitala mötet

Get the psychologist's best tips for a meaningful and good digital meeting for everyone

The digital meeting has come to stay, Covid-19 pandemic or not. The new form of meeting gives us freedom – but at the same time it can be frustrating with only online meetings.

Maybe you accidently check emails or make coffee while you are attending a digital meeting, just because you can. But in fact the digital form requires more mental energy than face-to-face meetings, which makes it more important to keep:

  • Focus
  • Structure
  • Breaks

Join the webinar and get inspiration for your next digital meeting, whether you’re the organizer or a participant.

How to facilitate a good meeting about wellbeing

How do you talk about feelings at your workplace? Yes, perhaps you do not talk so much about your feelings and wellbeing and is it even necessary to do so?

At this webinar you will find inspiration on how to help create an open and honest dialogue about wellbeing, by using your language and behaviour.

The webinar addresses all meeting participants, whether you are an employee, manager, HR, or something else. Also, we will give you suggestions on how to talk and focus on what makes you feel good.

The psychology behind organisational changes

We have just been through the largest national change process in recent times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Change itself is nothing new – our whole working life is full of changes. We find some changes easy for us to implement, while we find others really tiring.

At this webinar, you will gain a deeper psychological understanding of why change can be difficult, both to agree to and to implement. You get concrete methods to deal with the difficulties that can arise when we must do something different than we usually do, i.e., create a change.

Preview coming soon

Strengthen your personal development with a growth mindset

At this webinar, we dive into the growth mindset which is about the art of seeing challenge as an opportunity for learning; obstacle as an opportunity to experiment and explore – and not least mistakes as a natural part of life and a crucial factor for personal development.

What is your first thought when you make a mistake, or get criticism?

Maybe you know psychological safety which is about the value about speaking up with our mistakes – our mistakes are crucial for development and performance – crucial is also how we, you, I, meet and think about our mistakes, challenges, and complex tasks.

Join the webinar and get tools to train your growth mindset and thereby deal with the bumps you find on your way.

Preview coming soon

Psykologisk säkerhet

Den öppna och ärliga dialogen

Research shows that teams who make the most mistakes are also the teams that perform best – perhaps this is because these teams have the courage to speak openly about their mistakes, worries and vulnerabilities.

These teams can be described as psychologically safe, which means that the team members have the inner belief, that their ideas, thoughts, and questions are received positively and constructively.

At this webinar, we dive into specific behaviours that strengthen the team’s psychological safety.

The webinar is tailored for both teams, employees and managers.

Preview coming soon

The Difficult Conversation

Can you relate to seeing that something is wrong with one of your colleagues or an employee? Maybe he/she seems sad, angry or is not fulfilling his/her role and the agreements you make?

You know you should react, but you are in doubt about how to share your observations without hurting the other or getting an angry reaction.

We have a method that makes it easier to have a difficult conversation. Join the 1rst of October when our psychologist Peter will tell us and share how he does.

Preview coming soon

Collaboration in a hybrid work environment

Do you prefer to work from home or at the office?
If you are like people are most, you would prefer a combination, the so-called hybrid working life.

At this webinar, our psychologist Alberte will highlight:

  • What happens to our social relations in the hybrid work life?
  • How is the collaboration affected?
  • Important attentions for us who combine working from home with the office.

Grab a cup of coffee with us and gain new or deeper knowledge about collaboration in the hybrid work life. The webinar takes 25 minutes.

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