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Covid-19 has had major consequences for many people. Everyday life is characterized by insecurity and many are in a pressured situation where work life and private life are mixed together. That is why your mental wellbeing is really important right now.

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  • Access to our skilled psychologists
  • Better insight into your mental health
  • Ongoing feedback on your wellbeing

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When needed you will be offered a confidential conversation with one of our psychologists, who will provide counseling and guide you towards a better mental health. The continuous monitoring also allows you to stop up, reflect and become aware of your mental state.

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Din väg till bättre välbefinnande

Hur fungerar Howdy?

Howdy är ett digitalt verktyg som främjar dialog och öppnar dörren för mer medvetenhet kring ditt välbefinnande. Genom en kontinuerlig metod visar Howdy vägen till bättre mentalt välbefinnande. Vi ger dig inblick i din välbefinnandeutveckling över tid och gör dig medveten om när du ska agera på missnöje.
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Kom igång med Howdy

Our psychologists in the response team have extensive experience within well-being and stress-management. With the Howdy-app, you will get access to professional counseling, better insight into your mental health and ongoing feedback on your wellbeing.

The price for Howdy is only 99 kr per. month incl. VAT and includes up to 4 calls per year with psychologists from our response team. Terms for the response team can be found här, and you can always cancel your subscription with 1 day until the end of a month. You can try Howdy for free for 14 days. Within a few days, you will receive your first invoice from us (at DKK 99) and if you choose not to pay the invoice, we will automatically close your subscription after 14 days.


Campaign for PFA customers until the 31st of March 2021.

If you have your pension plan with PFA, then there is good news! We are working together with PFA and PFA has agreed to pay for your Howdy. All you need to do is submit the name of your employer – we will hereafter send you a link where you can sign up for Howdy. The terms for our response team can be found här. The price after the 31st of March 2021, will be 29 DKK per month.

try Howdy for free for 14 days


Get a better overview and insight into your mental wellbeing. When needed, our response team of skilled psychologists will reach out and guide you towards better mental health.

After 14 days the price for Howdy is only 99 kr per. month incl. VAT and includes up to 4 calls per year with psychologists from our response team.

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