Content of this workshop:

  • How to make a good conversation that increases motivation and perseverance?
  • Recognition of own boundaries.
  • Train your tolerance – ie. your mental plank.
  • How do you best help each other to keep up the spirit?
  • Mental strength is relevant and valuable in all future situations that require mental endurance.

Duration: 45 min.
Participants: Up to 50 participants.
Location: Online via Microsoft Teams.
Price: 5000, – excl. VAT

Worklife Barometer offers to help and support both managers and employees with the workshop: The Mental Plank

The Covid-19 pandemic has interupted our daily lives with many restrictions, challenging our free and natural life unfoldment.

In the Howdy response team, we encounter many people expressing being gradually more frustrated by isolation and homework, lacking the casual talk at the coffee machine and the opportunity to see and hear the colleagues physically.

Private distance and the number of contacts are also limited. In other words – we are mentally in a special position and situation, which has now lasted for a long period of time, and the situation tends to feel pretty locked.

This is what we call The Mental Plank. We are challenged to hold the position without being able to leave it voluntarily, and with an uncertainty about when the exercise will end. 

Be inspired and receive useful tools for a better mental strength in this strange time with covid-19 and lockdown! This workshops is for all type of companies, and for employees as well as management.


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