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Howdy Webinars are packed with the newest information about wellbeing, as well as our best methods on how to create success, change and make sustainable decisions. Our goal is to inspire you to continue your everyday work towards better wellbeing.

Our webinars are completely free of charge and available to everyone.

*All our webinars will be held in Danish.

Upcoming webinars

The Good Feedback
Thursday 29/09-2022 at 10:00

Praising each other is easy, but developing each other for better or worse is harder – how do you say something to a colleague which can be sensitive and difficult? Learn how on this webinar.

How To Avoid Christmas Stress
Thursday 24/11-2022 at 9:00

December is the hunting ground of stress! In this webinar we guide you how to avoid the worst Christmas stress – so please join and let the Christmas peace take hold.

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