Your wellbeing is important


Welcome to Howdy, Nobia

With Howdy, Nobia puts a focus on your wellbeing, and will with this tool offer you help should you have low physical or mental wellbeing. Your participation is important to us – and remember – your answers are always anonymous to your employer.

We hope you want join, and be a part of Nobias wellbeing assessment.

Howdy do I get started with Howdy?

1. Follow this link and register as a Howdy user
2. Download our app
3. Log in and answer your questions

1.   Measuring

Howdy regularly measures your mental and physical wellbeing by asking five simple questions about your mental wellbeing, and a few additional questions abour your physical wellbeing. These measurements create an opportunity for you, to continously consider your situation and reflect on how you feel.

2.   Insight

As an Employee you obtain insight into your own wellbeing history and development over time. Howdy makes you aware of when you should act in order to improve your wellbeing.

3.   Action

In case of low wellbeing, you are encouraged to take action. Howdy’s professional response team will contact you for an informal conversation about your situation, and make sure move on well.

4.   Change

As an employee you are also presented with a few tips and tricks to a good wellbeing. If case you are experiencing physical pain, the app has a library of excercises. At the same time,  your participation contributes to Nobia’s work for a better wellbeing, for the company and for your department.

You can read more about Howdy on: People & Culture Nobia DK – Home (
View our video about how to get started with Howdy

We hope you enjoy, and if you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our support.