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Better wellbeing in the Healthcare

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a solid foundation is key

Scientifically proven

Howdy Wellbeing uses the scientific framework WHO-5 that has gone through more than 200 scientific studies since professor Per Bech launched it in 1998. The model has proven to be one of the most precise in wellbeing assessment.

A scientific study has shown a significant effect of the use of Howdy and the proactive response team attached to the solution. 

You can read much more about the scientific studies here

Your way to better wellbeing

How does Howdy work?

Howdy is a digital tool, that promotes dialogue and opens the door towards valuable changes within the organization. Through a continous method Howdy paves the way towards better mental, physical and organizational wellbeing.

With Howdy you get:

– Better insight into the employee’s mental health
– Ongoing feedback on the wellbeing
– Access to our skilled response team

Create better conditions for the wellbeing of the healthcare workers!
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The cornerstone of how you as a user submit your wellbeing results and in return are given insights into your own wellbeing to reflect on. Between surveys, users can dive into a library of information, news, articles, statistics, and exercises all relevant to their wellbeing. Available for Android, iOS and as a web version.


Our online portal provides a vast array of data, statistics and insights into the entire organisation’s wellbeing, as well as the ability to dig deeper into the wellbeing of individual departments or groups – all anonymised to protect the individual user, naturally. The dashboard is also the central hub where you control all aspects and settings of your Howdy plan. Our dashboard is available to all Howdy administrators, managers and key persons of your choice

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