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Poor mental health
Figures from the National Board of Health show that young students in Denmark experience increasing poor mental health.
In average, 18 percent of students always or often experience severe stress symptoms.
Loneliness is the fourth most stated reason for dropping out of higher education.

Loneliness and stress among students is increasing

The young people feel more lonely and stressed right now than at any other time since Denmark was closed down for the first time in the spring of last year. More people feel loneliness and powerlessness in the unpredictable world without unity and the feeling of togetherness with their fellow students.

In general, one of the biggest reasons for dropping out of a education is related to dissatisfaction and loneliness among students, which places even greater demands on preventing an unfortunate development of wellbeing – especially now.

Wellbeing in a pandemic

Covid-19 has had major consequences for many people. Everyday life is characterized by insecurity and many students are gradually in a pressured situation where student life and private life are mixed together. Therefore, the mental wellbeing among students is hugely important right now.

We have the tool to give students a better insight into their mental wellbeing right now, and if necessary, our response-team of skilled psychologists will guide them towards better mental health.


A wellbeing tool for the students

Howdy is a wellbeing tool that ensures reflection on the students own wellbeing and provides the opportunity for support in an early stage. Our response team of  psychologists proactively calls the student with incipient dissatisfaction, where he or she is given tools to becomes aware of the possibilities that exist for reversing an unfortunate development.

Through a unique method, we give you insight into both the students and employees well-being, and intervene proactively when the need arises.

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